Every Industry Friday at the University of Bedfordshire, at Alexon Building we are attending talks, exploring the creative process and how visual tinkers are developing ideas. Amandine Alessandra is a visual artist and creator of publishing company called Tower Block Books – together with architect Rute Nieto Ferreira. First publication, The Big Letter Hunt (In the East End of London), is a book about finding letters in the architecture.


She is an award winning artist who has worked along side HP and Wired for advertising campaigns and various different companies. She has obtained a Masters in Fine Arts & Aesthetics from the Université de Provence in 2003. Since doing so she has crashed through the industry with her authentic ideas and perception of art in society. Since setting up her practice in January 2010, she has worked with the University of the Arts London, Euro RSCG, Optimus Kanguru, DesignMarketo and Selfridges.

in vino veritasin vino veritas


“The series Take a seat and say something uses a chair as a matrix for an alphabet. Each letter is a meaningless installation if seen on its own, but becomes decipherable when a few of them are put together as words. Objects become readable.”


One of her best projects according to her is the human clock, which is basicly a humans dressed in a yellow suits making numbers in a clock fashion. She photographs every stage and makes a time-lapse or gif of the human clock running. The project is called “Letter form for the Ephemeral”. This project includes not only the clock, but also words formed by the human body. This presentation was great. Thank you Amedine!


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